Our History

Finance Solutions with Care and Creativity is Our Commitment to You.

Kingsbridge Private is a boutique brokerage house which has quickly expanded since our establishment in February 2015. We expect our growth to continue following in the footsteps of Kingsbridge and Eagle, the first Broker House co-founded by our Principal Sheyne Walsh in 1999. At the time the original Kingsbridge was acquired by Centric Wealth in 2007, we had a portfolio under management exceeding a billion dollars. Sheyne left Centric in 2014 when that itself was purchased and there was a shift in business strategy. Sheyne’s focus has always been on Customer Service  so he chose to revive the boutique broker experience enjoyed by our clients,many of whom have since followed us from the original business. Leveraging our reputation, lending expertise and industry network, we added over $170 million to our portfolio in our first 18 months of the new business. Since this time, we have expanded our team of brokers and support staff, engaging diverse talents and interests to assist our residential and commercial clients from first home buyers through to public companies. We specialise in complex lending scenarios and our proprietary loan comparison software differentiates us, enabling our clients to clearly review alternative scenarios and solutions. It’s our role to understand the unique circumstances, financial goals, and ‘what’s important’ for every client, so that we can recommend and implement intelligent solutions to help our clients financially thrive, whilst always ensuring our solutions meet the best interests of our clients.