Residential Loan Process Guide

A Simple, Clear and Rewarding Experience.

1. Introduction

We will let you know the information required to best review your lending needs. We will also set up a meeting with one of our Team members to get a full understanding of your individual circumstances and goals. We may arrange a property valuation at this time if relevant. Contact us to get Started.

2. Recommendation

With you, we will review your needs along with the products and policies offered by our Panel of Lenders.
We are able to present solutions using our proprietary loan comparison tools. We will provide you with a documented summary and recommendation.

3. Application

Once you have advised us of your decision, we will complete the loan application for you to sign. We will also submit this application to the lender on your behalf.

4. Assessment

The Lender will assess your application and liaise with us on your behalf during this process. We will follow up the lender for you and keep you informed.

5. Conditional Approval

Some loans are given full approval upfront whilst others come with conditions. An Approval In Principle means you can start your property search knowing your budget. Once you have located a property, we can arrange a valuation. When all conditions are satisfied including a copy of the contract and insurance provided, the Lender will reassess the application for full approval.

6. Unconditional Approval

We will let you know once full approval is received from the lender. The lender will then issue the loan contracts for you to sign. When there is an incumbent lender, we will also arrange for relevant Mortgage Discharges.

7. Settlement

We will manage the loan settlement process including liaising with any third parties such as lenders and solicitors in the case of property purchases.

8. Post - Settlement

We will check your facility and repayments structure. We conduct annual loan reviews. We can assist with any questions you have about your facilities or changes and increases to your loans. We can partner with your Financial Planner as you require.