Loan Types

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Home Loans

Home Loans relate to Owner Occupied Property Mortgages and have a term of up 30 years. Interest rates are variable unless fixed for a specified period usually to a maximum of 5 years. Repayments cover the interest cost on the loan and may also be set up to reduce the loan’s Principal. These loans often have the lowest personal finance rates on the market.

Investment Property Loans

Investment Loans differ to Owner Occupied Home Loans in that the security property or loan purpose is used for Investment Purposes. The interest rates on these loans are usually higher than that of Owner Occupied. Investment Loan options vary between residential and commercial property.

Line of Credit

A Line Of Credit works similarly to a business overdraft for personal uses. It works similarly to a credit card and has a pre-approved limit but has a lower interest rate and a fixed term. We can arrange secured Line of Credit Facilities for you.

Other Residential Loans

Other Residential Loans are available for specified purposes including Bridging Finance, Seniors Equity Loans / Reverse Mortgages and Loans for Retirement Village Deposits.

Please find the Reverse Mortgage Information Statement Click here

Business Loans

Business Loans usually have a maximum 15-year term and fund capital growth or business premises and are regularly secured by property.

Short to Medium Term Business Facilities

These can include an Overdraft, Bill Facility, Motor Vehicle and Equipment Lease, Debtor and Import Finance or Temporary Loan facilities, used to fund business cash flow cycles and working assets.


A mortgage and insurance are intertwined. What happens to your loan repayments and your home in the case of your unexpected death, permanent disability, severe illness or unplanned unemployment? We are able to arrange Loan Insurance to provide protection for you and your loved ones who may be affected.

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