Residential Lending

Securing the Great Australian Dream.

Everyone wants a great deal on their home loan with a low interest rate. Before you can achieve it, you need to find a loan with the features you want and one that will be approved given your own circumstances. We do this legwork on your behalf and it won’t cost you anything.

Selection Criteria

What are some of the variables to consider when choosing a home loan?

Interest Rates

Interest rates can vary by lender, loan and security size, as well as repayment type.

Maximum size

Maximum loan size for each lender depends on how they treat the various income types.

Split & Switch

Ability to split and switch loan types in future varies.


Alternative security accepted varies such as property types, term deposits and guarantees.

Upfront Valuations

Some lenders offer free home valuations to see how much you can borrow.


Accessibility to additional funds in future varies.

Credit History

Lenders have different policies relating to Credit History


Some lenders have different products or policies for various Industry or Super Memberships

Time to Assess

Some lenders take days to assess an application and others take weeks


Lenders offer different product features e.g. Multiple Offsets, Interest Only Loans and Split Loans


Some lenders have restrictions on loan purpose such as cash out and renovations

Customer Service

Lenders provide different customer service experiences.

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