Our clients have confidence and clarity in our financial solutions.

Your needs

Individual Needs

  • Reduce your current home loan costs or consolidate debt
  • Buy a new home or investment property
  • Help your child buy a home
  • Fund land purchase, property renovations construction
  • Give you greater loan repayment flexibility to ease budget pressure
  • Help you buy a new home before you sell your current home
  • Help seniors unlock the equity in their home
  • Fund various personal goals with a home loan increase such as:
    • investment
    • deposit on a holiday home
    • education fees
    • rainy day reserve
  • Connect high lending clients to private banking lenders
  • Leverage special lending products available to certain professions such as medical, education, legal and accounting

Business Needs

  • Buy or renovate a commercial property
  • Fund business operating cash flow cycles
  • Fund capital growth in your business
  • Reduce your current business lending costs
  • Ease your business lending renewal conditions
  • Fund motor vehicles and equipment